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Skydiver Jumped 25.000 Feet Without Parachute… AND SURVIVED!

History has been made today! 42 years old skydiver with over 18.000 jumps on his Read more

5 Powerful Photos That Will Give You a New Unique View Into Some of the World’s Most Popular Spots

They say that there is no better tool for sharing travel stories than photography. One Read more

16 Picture Perfect Beaches That Will Make You Want to Cry

1. Cala Goloritzè Beach, Sardinia, Italy 2. Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

10 Fairy -Tale Landscapes That Will Blow Your Mind

We wanted to find the most beautiful landscapes out there in order to inspire and Read more

Top 10 Scariest Places in the World That Will Give You the Chills

Powerplant IM As one of the biggest coal-burning plants in Belgium built in 1921, this Read more

14 Of The Most Compelling Photos Of This Month

1. New Years at Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Couple Took Their 4-Year-Old Son on a 28.000 KM Journey Across Europe

Last summer a couple from Romania and decides to embark on a journey across Europe Read more

14 Mesmerizing Photos of Breathtaking Winter Landscapes

People who like to travel to the snowed-in parts of the globe and love photography, Read more

20 Places to Travel With Your Kids Before They Grow Up

1. Grand Canyon, Northwestern Arizona With no doubt it is one of the most famous Read more

The Must Visit Location From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

With the appearance of the star of the “Star Wars”, Ireland’s Skellig Michael Island became Read more

14 of the Best National`s Geographic Travel Photos for 2015

Each day for the past year National Geographic brought us an inspiring Photo of the Read more

Looking For a New Job? Here Are 5 Cities Where You`ll get 6 Weeks Paid Vacation Time

A long weekend, summer vacation, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving… Workers around the world are Read more

These Are the Most Awe-inspiring Places of Worship on the Planet

7. Brihadeeswarar Temple, India This gigantic temple was built in 1010 and locals call it Read more

12 Fairy-Tale Castles in Germany That Would Put Walt Disney to Shame

Visiting a castle in Germany is like stepping back in time into a fairy-tale setting Read more


5 Awesome Reasons Why You Must Visit the Mystical Iceland

Iceland is much more that the land of arctic temperatures and massive glaciers.  This country Read more

16 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Visit Romania

Almost every travelers that has visited Romania claims that he was inspired by this country Read more

We Uncover the Mystery Behind the Walking Palm Trees Forest

The Sumaco Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador is one of the most unique forests in the Read more

12 Most Exclusive World Locations Where James Bond Franchise Was Filmed

12. Blenheim Palace, UK As a home to the dukes of Marlborough back in centuries, Read more

A Journey Trough Pictures to Witness the Astonishing Beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Dax Justin, a professional photographer has somehow managed to capture the majestic beauty of the Read more

10 Trips You Must Take After You Turn 30

Whenever you decide to take these trips it would never be late (or too soon), Read more

10 Stunning Photos That Will Prove Why Nature is Unbelievably Awesome!

No Photoshop! No tricks! 1. Coyote Buttes, Arizona 2. Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia

12 Charming Little Towns for Travelers Who Seek a More Relaxed Feel

There are many small towns around the globe that have some of the most breathtaking Read more

20 Greatest Travel Photos Ever Taken Without Photoshop

In my humble opinion there is no greater artist than Mother Nature herself. But when Read more

A Photographer Captures Mysterious Snow Monsters on Camera in the Mountains of Japan

In contrast to the cities like Tokyo, Japan`s northern countryside is less familiar but it Read more

These 16 Photos Will Convince You to Visit France ASAP

No introduction needed!  Just take your time and browse through these pictures… 1. Sénanque Abbey Read more

There is an Entire Different World Below Your Feet That You Don`t Know Nothing About

Yep that’s right, and these 12 places will prove it! 1. Basilica Cistern – Istanbul, Read more

10 Most Insane Thrill Seeking Adventures to Do and Still Live to Tell the Tale

If you call yourself a real adventurist and thrill seeker than these 10 awesome destinations Read more

10 Mesmerizing Destinations for Your 2016 Travel Bucket List

It can`t get any sweeter than this! Check these paces out! 1. Normandy, France With Read more


20 Most Popular Facebook Check-ins Spots in the World for 2015

Bragging to your friends on Facebook about the awesome places you`ve visited is one of Read more

8 Stunning Pictures of Machu Picchu, the Holy Grail of Every Adventurist Visiting South America

Machu Picchu is an ancient Incan city that stands 4.710 feet high above sea level Read more

12 Jaw-dropping Aerial Photos That Show the World as We`ve Never Seen it Before

This is a beautiful collection of bird`s eye view photos from around the world that Read more

5 Gorgeous Celebrity Beach Houses With Crazy-fabulous Views

Let us take you on a journey around some of the world most beautiful beaches Read more

A New York-based Artist Blends His Model Into The 7 World`s Wonders

Trina Merry is known for her unusual blend of body  art and photography and her Read more

14 Most Beautiful and Awe-Inspiring Landscapes That Actually Exist

1. Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey Pamukkale is a very popular tourist destination, especially for those Read more

10 Unusual Places on Earth, You Won’t Believe Are Real

Our planet is full of beautiful places, some of them are really hard to get Read more

Adventure Moms Share Their Love of the Outdoors With Their Kids in One Awesome Wilderness Venture

Meet Shannon Robertson (28), Morgan Brechler (25) and Brooke Froelich (30), three cool moms who Read more

Terrifying Wedding Photo Shoots on a Tiny Ledge 350Ft Above the Ground

Jay Philbrick, a wedding photographer takes his clients on an unusual photo shoot high above Read more

14 Perfect Stylish Gifts For Stylish Men

Thanks to the internet men are way better dressed today than just a couple of Read more

48 Outrageous Things Woman Hear in Their Lifetime Because of Men

In this 2 minute video made by The Huffington Post you`ll witness 80 years of Read more

9 Photos From This Year`s Over-the-top Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

This year`s outrageous Victoria’s Secret show was taped a month ago in New York and Read more

Good New Everyone! Khloe and Lamar are still married! Yey!

Good News Everyone! Khloe and Lamar are still married! Yey!

According to NBC News Khloѐ Kardashian and Lamar Odom decided to give marriage another chance: Read more

7 Seeds With Health and Body Benefits

7 Powerful Seeds That Will Do Wonders for Your Body

Nowadays seeds are everywhere. You can find them in bars, drink, food, beverages… you name Read more